Work Packages and Structure

Monday 19 January 2009

In addition to organizational and synthesis Work Packages (WP0 & WP5, respectively), this project consists of four central Work Packages (WP) associated with the four central themes of this project: (1) targeted empirical studies to enhance our understanding of the spatial and ecosystem dynamics of marine populations, (2) compilation, integration and synthesis of existing data on the spatial distribution of fish habitats, trophic interactions, movement behavior and life histories, (3) development and application of a variety of modeling approaches to the dynamics of mobile species and the fisheries that depend on them in the presence of an MPA network, and (4) examination of the implications for governance of implementing larger MPAs for mobile species in national and international waters. These WP are further divided into individual “tasks” corresponding to specific goals or milestones towards completion of that WP.

Organigramme of the Project

The image below provides an overview of the WP and the individual tasks in each. In the organigramme, note that GL stands for Gulf of Lions (Mediterranean), SA for South Africa and IO for the Indian Ocean. Click on the image to see the full-sized version that is easier to read.


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